Great Weekends Flying at South Wales Gliding Club

Although the weather wasn’t exactly booming, there was lots of good flying going on this weekend.

A total of over 80 launches were done over the 2 days with some notable achievements by a number of members.

It was great to see a visit from Allan Donnelly who many will remember from days of old. Thanks to Maureen for driving the tug while I flew with him. He had another soaring flight off the winch later and went away a very happy chappy. Was also great to see Tom Wacey, Tom Gwilliam, Joe White and Geraint all making good use of the Astir. Martin Capps managed a very credible flight of over 2 hours and several other flights of over an hour took place. Simon test flew Stuarts nice shiny Discus and then Stuart had a very nice flight in it. New members Andrew and Louisa both seemed very keen and it was good to see the enthusiasm they brought with them. Maureen was kept busy all day Saturday and Chris on Sunday. It was a real team effort all round that led to a smoothly run operation and lots of good progress being made. There were a couple of new potential members around as well so hope to see them again soon. I’m sure I will have missed out some other notable events but the story is that it was a FUN weekend, well done everyone!

First Big Day Of The Year

What a lovely day and a great turnout.
There was a total of 15 aerotows done today.
Lots of time in the air and several cross country flights.
Cloud base was up to around 5500 feet and average climbs of around 6 knots.
It wasn’t all roses though and there were some difficult bits so well done to all those who had a go.
Thanks to Maureen for providing the tows and sorry to those who had to spend the day in work.

A Little Bit Damp at SWGC Today!

Have a look at the web cam pictures for around 13.30!

Xmas Social 2015

A successful evening with a lovely mix of food and drinks provided by various club members and guests.

Lets hope we get some flying in over the Xmas holidays now! If not, have a very happy Xmas and hope to see you in the New Year.