2015 – 7th Nov SWGC Meeting Minutes pdf

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26th Feb 2016 SWGC Meeting Minutes

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First Big Day Of The Year

What a lovely day and a great turnout.
There was a total of 15 aerotows done today.
Lots of time in the air and several cross country flights.
Cloud base was up to around 5500 feet and average climbs of around 6 knots.
It wasn’t all roses though and there were some difficult bits so well done to all those who had a go.
Thanks to Maureen for providing the tows and sorry to those who had to spend the day in work.

A Little Bit Damp at SWGC Today!

Have a look at the web cam pictures for around 13.30!

Xmas Social 2015

A successful evening with a lovely mix of food and drinks provided by various club members and guests.

Lets hope we get some flying in over the Xmas holidays now! If not, have a very happy Xmas and hope to see you in the New Year.