Where were you all?

To remind you that the saying, ” rain before seven, fine by eleven” wasn’t far out today.

Not enough to Winch, and maybe a bit breezy for the K8 to start with, but it turned into a nice day.

4 tows in the 13, FRL was up for simply ages with Chris Tooze funding the club coffers, plus a couple of privet owners.

Everybody down well in time for tonights BBQ.

From a very sick ( man flu + )


2015 – 6th February Meeting Minutes -3

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Bronze badge

Congratulations to Pete Burgess on completing his bronze badge and of course buying the beer. Cheers Pete.

Evening to celebrate the start of the thermal season – March 7th

Following the brilliantly successful evening to finish the 2014 thermal soaring season, the Bar Steward is organising an evening to celebrate the start of the 2015 thermal soaring season.  There will be food prepared by our celebrated chef, Mr Kennedy, and mystery entertainment provided by club members.

The entertainment has not yet been finalised so that members can have the opportunity to let the Bar Steward know in what manner they can entertain the rest of the club.  Don’t hide your talents!  Can you sing, dance, play a musical instrument, tell jokes, do fire-eating, juggle, ride a unicycle, fly a drone or have any other skills not-mentioned above?  Contact Scott to volunteer.

SWGC AGM 2014 – 2015

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