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LAPL Conversion GuideAn idiots guide to the LAPL conversion process provided by Ian Kennedy – any questions to him please!Latest Operations ManualLatest Operations Manual.
Password protected.
FLARM BRIEFINGA briefing on FLARM’s installed in club aircraftBGA SAFETY BRIEFINGSThe Official BGA page for safety briefings.
Learn to Fly BrochureAn A4 double sided Brochure explaining how to learn to fly.Duty Pilot DutiesA reminder of the responsibilities of a duty pilot
How a club works
A great introduction on how volunteering means a gliding clubs offer a friendly and cheap way to fly.

A useful induction for all new members of clubs.

Usk Ridge Soaring

A guide to local soaring opportunities for the aspiring pilots of tomorrow by John Sorrel
WentwoodNorth Westerly WindsHatterallNortherly to Easterly Wind
BlorengeNorth-Westerly to
North-Easterly Winds
KilgwrrwgNortherly to North-Easterly


Membership Form 2018Mandatory Safety and Medical Notes 2018