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Jobs behind the Bar

Event Chair: Scott Hazledine


Scott has a number of jobs and is looking for some willing volunteers. The main jobs are: Sorting out the lighting Repair/replace ceiling tiles Tidy the storeroom Decorate bar area and shelves Decorate Storeroom. I will enter these 3 tasks so you can volunteer for any part/s that you want. The Task Date is when we would hope to be able to have the job completed. Have a chat or email Scott to get more details

March 1, 2017

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Tidy Store Room N/A N/A1 remaining:  Login to Signup
Decorate Bar and Store Room N/A N/A#1: Adam D.
2 remaining:  Login to Signup
Sort Lighting and Ceiling Tiles N/A N/A#1: Adam D.
2 remaining:  Login to Signup