Commitee Meeting Minutes 01.08.2014

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Congratulations to Zak Barrett

Congratulations to Zak on his first solos in a K13 and K8 yesterday!  Zak used to instruct with the ATC, but these are his first solos in pure gliders.

Special offers for those arriving before briefing….

Some temporary changes are listed below – ideal for those learning to winch, for those learning to aerotow, for those wanting to get annual checks out of the way early, for those wanting to explore the winter wave, etc……

The committee has decided try a new system to encourage members to arrive before briefing and to get the best use out of the shorter days.

1.  From Sunday 28th September, any member weekend aerotow which takes off before 12 noon will have 500 feet of the tow height for free.

2. When a member writes his/her name on the flying list, the turn usually consists of 3 winch launches.  From Sunday 28th September, any member on the flying list by 10am (briefing time) will be able to take 6 winch launches as one turn.

3.  From 1st November 2014 until 28th February 2015 (as usual), soaring fees will be half their usual values.

The committee will assess the success (or otherwise) of the scheme and will let the membership know if they intend to withdraw 1 and/or 2 above.

Enjoy the autumn and winter flying!


Sunday 21st September

An unexpectedly good day. A number of members made the most of it.

Flights of several hours made by a few.

Captured on Spot the Glider:-

Spot The Glider Sunday 21st September

K13 KHH Annual

KHH has been with us for a year! It’s now in the workshop for it’s annual thanks to Dave Cousins, Steve Jones, Ian Kennedy and Simon. We will update you here when it is back on line. In the mean time there is always DKE or 609 to play with.