End of Season Party

The bar committee has decided to hold an end of season social event on Sat 1 November.

Peter Wilson and Iain Wood have agreed to knock out a few tunes on their clarinet and guitar respectively.
If anyone else has a (musical) instrument and would like to join please contact the musical director

Kennedy will be cooking (Chorizo and bean stew)

Burning stuff always brings in the crowd. If anyone wants to organise then please come fwd

6pm  (ish) – Bonfire

7pm  – Food

After Food – music

Congratulations to Pete Burgess

Congratulations to Pete Burgess on his first solo aerotow


Monmouth School

A great afternoons winch flying.

A total of 16 flights with 7 lauches soaring for 15 minutes or so.

Scot’s group evening flying

Sunset Over SWGC

Sunset Over SWGC

A really organised crew allowed us to get 22 launches in before bad light stopped play.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and the food at Scot’s later.