Moving the tree trunks Sun 12th Oct

Tractor and trunk 1

Martin Bishop and Rod moved the 3 large tree trunk sections of the fallen oak, and others cleared the rest (Derek, Zak, Martin Capps) of the  site, so that the only bits of tree remaining are branches for the bonfire on 1st Nov.

Many thanks to all who have cut lumps off the tree and transported them elsewhere.

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    David Lewis says:

    Tractor overturns are the leading cause of deaths related to farm work.


    Using Tractors Safely

    Page 11, first paragraph reads:

    Hitching chains or tow ropes.

    Always hitch as low as possible.
    Never hitch above the axle.
    A chain or tow rope hitched too high could cause rearward overturn of the towing tractor even on level ground.


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