Website Upgrade

I have taken over the website and the hosting of it.

We now have much more space and bandwidth than we had previously.

I will now start to add a few extra features.

If there’s anything you would like to see let me know.

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  1. Web Master says:

    I have blanked the email addresses in your comments, as this area is open to the public. The email that works perfectly is the one that is used by this website. If you want the email that the club uses for your accounts etc please contact Maureen via email.

    Andrew Hubert von Staufer says:

    My prime email address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is having some glitches which still have not been resolved. Most mail is not getting through and I suspect it is a result of a DDS attack a week or so ago on my main website.

    Please send all mail to me on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as this works perfectly and is not associated with a vulnerable website.

    Many thanks



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