Pre Winter Success

Several solo’s or re-solo’s during the last few weeks.

Congratulations to Matt, Peter, Anna and Adam on gliding solo

To Ian and Ash on motor glider NPPL’s.

Also Lots of bronze badges and distance flights.

Roll on the winter wave!



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August update

Despite the rather variable weather a lots been going on at the club. There have been silver distance flights, silver duration, several 300km flights, a first 500km flight a few re solos etc etc. Astir EWW has been fitted with an Oudie with LK8000. The cameras and weather station have been updated. A lot of work has been put into keeping the club fleet flying.


It is no longer possible to register for the forums online. This is because of the number of false registrations that I have had to deal with. If you would like to register please use the contact form and ask me. Or see me at the club.



Where were you all?

To remind you that the saying, ” rain before seven, fine by eleven” wasn’t far out today.

Not enough to Winch, and maybe a bit breezy for the K8 to start with, but it turned into a nice day.

4 tows in the 13, FRL was up for simply ages with Chris Tooze funding the club coffers, plus a couple of privet owners.

Everybody down well in time for tonights BBQ.

From a very sick ( man flu + )