Terms and conditions of sale of vouchers

Please read these carefully and if you are uncertain or want to discuss things first please contact the club.

1. All gliding flights are dependent on the weather and flight lengths may vary due to the conditions on the day of the flight. As a general guideline, we are unable to fly when it is raining, when there is low cloud or when there are particularly strong winds. If the weather looks doubtful you are recommended to confirm with the club on the day of the flight.

2. For technical reasons we are unable to fly people of less than 7 stone (45kgs), or heavier then 16 stone (102kg). Anyone taller than 6’4″ (1.93m) should make arrangements to sit in a glider and check that they fit prior to purchasing a voucher.

3. The minimum age for gliding lessons is 12, and youngsters under the age of 18 must have written permission of a parent or guardian.   There is no maximum age, but if the person using the voucher will be 80 years of age or over by the date of the flight, the club needs to be given at least 2 weeks notice so that the permission of our insurance company can be obtained.

4. Gliding vouchers are non-refundable and have a validity of one year from date of purchase.

5. Under exceptional circumstances the voucher may be transferred to another user.

6. The South Wales Gliding Club is run entirely by its membersand next day delivery of vouchers cannot be guaranteed. Vouchers will normally be despatched by first class post within 3 days of receipt of your order.

7. The following conditions may cause difficulty while flying: chronic bronchitis, severe asthma, rheumatic fever, chronic sinus or ear disease, diabetes, kidney stones, severe travel or motion sickness, severe migraine, any psychiatric condition. If you suffer, or have suffered any of these conditions you are advised to take medical opinion before flying. The following may make you temporarily unfit to fly: minor illnesses including head colds, medication, donation of blood.

8. We are unable to fly members of the public who have taken any alcohol on the day of the flight.