South Wales Gliding Club 

We are a small friendly club enjoying some of the best conditions and scenery in the country. Although small, we are a well established club - we've been gliding from Usk for over 25 years.
Generally we operate club flying at weekends throughout the year and group trial lessons 2 evenings a week during the summer. However, on a good soaring day during the week you will probably find a launch is available.

We launch gliders using either our Skylaunch winch or our Pawnee tug.
Ever glimpsed a glider circling under a cloud and wondered what it feels like? Click here to go to the trial flight page and you too could see it really is as good as it looks

Contrary to what most people think gliding isn't about flying around the field for 5 minutes, in good conditions a well flown glider can go very high or a long way. Several flights of over 500 km have been flown from Usk and the club height record is over 30000 feet.

Who goes gliding?

Gliding is not an elitist sport, quite the opposite, virtually anyone can have a go. Generally if you are capable of driving a car then you should have no problem learning to flying a glider.

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